My Little Gypset Box- August Review

Another month, another My Little Box, how does time go so quickly? This month the theme was My Little Gypset Box and contained an Antik Batik bag. Last month I said that My Little Road Trip Box  was the best out of the boxes I have received for sticking to its theme. This month’s box was probably the worst. Only one product shouted Gypset to me (the bag), the rest could have been put in any previous box.  View Full Post

My Little Road Trip Box July Review

Quickly before I start this review I just wanted to celebrate the fact that this is my 50th post! I know this might not seem like much to some people but to me it’s my first real posting milestone and it makes me so happy! Anyway onto this months My Little Box. This month the theme was “My Little Road Trip” and contained items perfect for taking away on holiday. Out of all the boxes I have received from My Little Box, this one probably stuck to the theme the best. All of the items said “road trip” to me. View Full Post

My Little Provence Box May Review

I seem to be writing My Little Box reviews all the time! The month just seems to go so quickly. This month the theme was My Little Provence Box and, like last month, the box design was beautiful. I loved the blue and white pattern and they used it throughout the box. For anyone who doesn’t know Provence is a region in Southeast France (yes I googled it). The beauty products this month fit in with the theme, with some mini L’Occitane products (a company which was founded in Haute- Provence). I think May’s box is one of the better boxes I have received, but still not the best- my benchmark is February’s box.

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my little dream box april review

Time for another My Little Box Review.  I was a little disappointed with last month’s box, so I was hopeful that this edition would be better. The theme this month was My Little Dream Box and I absolutely loved the box design! The illustration on the front was my favourite out of the boxes I have received. I will definitely have to find a use for it! Aside from the illustration I think this box was good, it was better than last month’s but not to the amazing standard of February’s box. View Full Post