5 Ways Beauty Products Can Ruin Your Day

Many of us will agree that beauty products are great. Makeup can conceal a sleepless night and make your eyes look bigger and a good hair product can make you feel like a film star. There are, however, some occasions when beauty products are not your friend. In fact sometimes they can be your day-ruining worst enemy. Here are 5 ways beauty products can ruin your day: View Full Post

Black Friday Offers

Black Friday has only been a “thing” in the UK for a couple of years, after coming over from America. This year it seems as though even more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and the bargain hunter in me isn’t complaining. I thought I’d do a quick round-up of some of the deals on offer. I’m sure there are many, many more so if I’ve missed anything amazing I’d love to know! View Full Post

Am I A Makeup Snob?

I used to get so excited about cheap makeup. The first post on this blog is all about Makeup Revolution lipsticks (here if you would like to see how bad the post is). I mean 5 lipsticks for a fiver- what a bargain! However, as I’ve bought more and more makeup and read more and more blogs, I’ve noticed a change in my spending habits. I’m no longer excited by that budget eyeshadow, I want the most expensive one with the pretty packaging and the amazing formula. I don’t care that I could get 15 £1 lipsticks for the price of one MAC lipstick, I’d go for the MAC one every time. View Full Post

My little box

Wow it seems like I was just reviewing January’s box and here I am reviewing the box I received this month! The theme for February was ‘My Little Frenchie Box’, although a few of the products didn’t seem to quite fit this (apart from being red, white and blue!), this edition was probably one of my favourites! I loved the beauty products this month and the box was adorable as always. View Full Post

lipstick review, bourjois

For today’s post I have decided to write a review on the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in the shade Nude-ist. I’ve seen quite a few reviews on this lipstick from Bourjois and they have been mostly very positive so I gave in and bought one for myself. As you may be aware if you’ve read any of my previous lipstick posts I am a little obsessed with nude lips at the moment, so I had to choose the shade Nude-ist. View Full Post

mac spirit review

This lipstick is actually my first MAC purchase. I had obviously heard loads about MAC by reading other blogs but I’ve always thought that £15.50 for a lipstick was a little expensive. I eventually gave in after reading countless good reviews and I am so glad that I did! The shade I went for was a pinky brown shade called Spirit. I think because I am quite pale it looks more brown on me, but it would look pinker on darker skin tones. View Full Post