Nightwear Wishlist

1) ASOS Pillow Fight Pyjama Set £20
2) New Look “Is It Friday Yet?” Pyjama Set £9.99
3) ASOS Eggshausted Pyjama Set £20
4) Topshop Sushi Roll Pyjama Set £22
5) ASOS Hippo Tutu Pyjama Set £20
6) River Island White Floral Pyjama Top £17
7) River Island White Floral Print Trousers £17
8) ASOS Jelly Bean Pyjama Set £18

I’ve never done a wishlist on the blog before and it was so much fun to put together! I’m always browsing websites and adding things to my saved items lists, so why not share them on here? This wishlist features my new favourite product to buy… pyjamas! A few months ago I was wearing nightwear that I’d owned for years, just throwing any old t-shirts and shorts together. However, I’ve recently treated myself to some new sets (including number 3 on my list- which I love!) and I can’t tell you how good it feels to get into bed with a matching pair.

I seem to have chosen a lot of nightwear sets with shorts, which will be good for whenever the weather decides to get warmer! The floral river island pyjamas will be good any time of year though. I’m really liking ASOS at the moment for pyjamas (or for anything really), they have the cutest sets- especially the one with the hippo in the tutu!

Would you buy any of these pyjamas? What type of nightwear do you usually wear?

*This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure for more information.

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