My New Obsession- Rings

It was so difficult not to call this post “A Few Of My Favourite Rings”, but I just about managed to resist it! Recently I’ve become obsessed with rings. I’ve bought them in the past but only when they were in the sale and I’d wear them once, leave them somewhere and forget about them. However, I’ve started to buy slightly “nicer” rings, ones that won’t turn my fingers green after wearing them for an hour. All the rings I’m wearing are sterling silver and I think they’re worth the higher price.  View Full Post

Mac Shy Girl Review Swatches

Before this purchase I hadn’t bought a MAC lipstick for a while. I think I convinced myself that they were too popular and I was just buying them because of the hype. However, I have now fallen back in love with MAC. Over the summer I was on the hunt for my perfect peachy nude. I never really found the shade and to be honest I forgot all about it. That was until I saw Shy Girl. I love a good daytime lipstick and Shy Girl is perfect. View Full Post

Black Friday Offers

Black Friday has only been a “thing” in the UK for a couple of years, after coming over from America. This year it seems as though even more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and the bargain hunter in me isn’t complaining. I thought I’d do a quick round-up of some of the deals on offer. I’m sure there are many, many more so if I’ve missed anything amazing I’d love to know! View Full Post

Time Taken To Write a Blog Post

When I was writing my last post ( My Daily Makeup Products + Total Cost) I thought it might be interesting to time myself and see how long it actually took to write the whole post. I don’t think many non-bloggers realise how much time blogging can take up. Everything from taking photos, to writing and editing, can be time consuming. So here’s a quick break down of how long everything took: View Full Post