Prairie Charms Collaboration + Nail Art

Spring Nail Art

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a brand called Prairie Charms on Twitter. They were collaborating with Bloggers to help spread positivity and raise awareness for the charity Make A Wish Foundation. I could hardly say no to promoting such a good cause so here is my post. After browsing the site I decided to order the Effie Nail Glitter, which was a lovely light blue colour. I was given a 25% discount for this and 25% from the order also went to the Make A Wish Foundation. With my order I also received 2 free gifts, the Macy Nail Glitter which was a bright pink colour and the Demi Gold Nail Stripes.

spring nail art

I decided to attempt some nail art with my new products! This was my first attempt at anything other than painting my nails, so apologies for my lack of skills! I thought that the Effie Nail Glitter would go really well with Barry M’s Speedy Nail Paint in Eat My Dust (I wrote a bit about it in my Superdrug Haul post). I like the outcome of this. I painted my little finger with the Barry M nail varnish, waited for it to dry and then painted it with a clear polish. I then shook the glitter over the wet polish, waited for a few minutes and painted over the glitter with the clear polish. I think that because the colours are so similar it gives a nice subtle finish and adds texture to the nail. I will look forward to trying it with a contrasting nail varnish.

I also used the Demi Gold Nail Stripes on my ring finger nail. I was a little worried about using these because I don’t have a steady hand and these need to be quite precise. I did find it a little tricky and I didn’t quite end up with the straight lines I intended (but I actually quite like the wonky lines). I was impressed with the stickers though, they stuck to my nail really well.

Spring nail art

Overall I really like my products from Prairie Charms (and how cute is the packaging?!). You can check out their website here. They also sell other items such as jewellery and hair pieces. You can also check out the Make A Wish Foundation website here, it really is a great charity! What do you think about these products? Have you ever attempted nail art?


  • Emily / Hannah

    awh so lovely that money went to charity. Love the nail art you created using the products x

    em // emandhan xo

    • It’s a nice idea isn’t it? Thank you, hopefully my skills will improve with practice! xx

  • I reaaaaaalllllyyyy want to try these gold nail stripes; I opted for the gold nail glitter for my collab and I’ve since seen some fabulous nail art creations using these since and I’m mega jel haha. Love the blue and the gold combo you’ve got going on here <3

    • Thank you! They are very pretty, I just wish I was better at using them haha! xx