Nails of the Day- Essie Meet Me at Sunset with Gel Setter Topcoat

Essie Gel Setter Nail Varnish Review with Meet Me At Sunset

I, like many bloggers, have a mild Essie obsession. The colours are all so pretty and the quality is good as well! Last week I was having a browse in Boots (as I do most weeks) and I saw that they had an offer on- buy the Gel Setter nail varnish + any colour for £15. Bought without the deal the nail varnishes would have cost £17.99, so the chance to save a couple of pounds was enough to convince me. The next challenge was to choose a colour, not an easy task at all! Eventually, after I had been staring at the polishes for a little too long, I went for the shade “Meet Me At Sunset”. 

Essie Gel Setter Nail Varnish Review with Meet Me At Sunset

Meet Me At Sunset

The shade is described as a vibrant deep orange, which I think almost looks like a tomato red. I bought it with Autumn in mind, but I think it’s a great transitional colour. It would also be perfect for the Summer. As for application, the nail varnish was very easy to apply. The brush was thick enough to coat the nail in two strokes and the colour was opaque after one coat (I used two).  The drying time was also pretty fast, which is always important!

Gel Setter Topcoat

This was the polish that really interested me. I have previously tried the Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Paint, but the main difference between the two is that the Essie one can be used with any Essie nail colour. As you can see in the photo above, it makes the colour look super shiny and plumper, like real gel nails. It also increases the longevity of your nail colour, which I can definitely confirm. The colour lasted 3 days without any chips at all, and only then I had the slightest chip on my index finger (which always seems to chip first). After a week the rest of the nails are still perfect and the chip hasn’t got any worse. The one negative I have found, is that the shine seems to fade after a few days, so would need reapplying to maintain the “gel” look.

Would I Recommend Them?

Overall I’m really impressed with my purchases. I love the shade “Meet Me At Sunset” and I can see myself wearing it a lot over the Autumn. The Gel Setter Topcoat just adds an extra boost to the already pretty colour and also increases the wear time. If you already have a lot of Essie polishes and need a new topcoat, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Have you tried the Gel Setter Topcoat? Which Essie nail varnishes will you be wearing over the Autumn?

Essie Nail Polishes cost £7.99 and are available from Boots or Superdrug.

The Essie Gel Setter Topcoat costs £9.99 and is also available from Boots.

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