The Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

Beauty MistakesI’m sure a lot of us would like to talk to our younger selves and give them some advice about the decisions they are about to make. This is especially true for me with some the makeup choices my teenage self made! I’ve written a list of beauty mistakes I used to make. Hopefully you enjoy it and can relate to some of them too!

#1 Wearing the wrong shade of foundation- I’m sure everyone is guilty of this at some point in their lives. The first foundation I ever bought was a powder foundation from Avon. I had no clue about which shade to go for, so I just chose the colour my mum wore. This is not good way to choose a foundation! I had a feeling that the colour wasn’t right but I persevered with it for over a year. I only gave it up when I went on holiday and the bright sunlight made me realise just how orange I looked!

#2 Not wearing mascara- Throughout the whole of university I didn’t wear mascara. I was just too lazy to take it off every day. I’ve only recently realised how much of a difference it makes to your eyes! It really does open them up and make you look more awake. I wouldn’t be without mine now!

#3 Not wearing lip liner with bright lipstick- I actually noticed this one quite recently. I never used to wear bright lipstick shades, so I was never really interested in lip liner. I thought they were a bit pointless. It wasn’t until I chose to wear a bright red shade to work one day that I realised their use. Looking in the mirror after a 5 hour shift and realising your lipstick has bled quite a lot is not cool.

#4 Using a bronzer to contour– Again a fairly recent one! This post is becoming less about my teenage self and more about myself last year! So this was around the time contouring was becoming mainstream. I didn’t fully understand the concept and rushed out to buy a product that I thought would achieve the look. Turns out a cheap and shimmery Miss Sporty bronzer doesn’t make a great contour shade. I’ve learnt my lesson- go for something matte!

#5 Not cleaning makeup brushes – I wrote about this in my bad habits post, but it is also one of my beauty mistakes. Going too long without cleaning my brushes gives me really bad spots. Not a good look! I’m still guilty of this one unfortunately.

So those were the beauty mistakes I used to make. Were you guilty of any of these? Do you have any to add to my list? I look forward to your responses!

Hannah xx

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  • Oh my gosh I also used to use a bronzer to contour! I think that it is a common mistake made by many. But now there is a lot more information circulating about the correct shades to contour with which I was not blessed with.

  • My first powder was the one in my mom’s shade too, then I went to not wearing a base at all. Totally wish I could just go back and give myself a good talking to. Haha.

    ♡Em |

  • I’m surprised that I’ve never bought the wrong foundation shade; however, my younger self didn’t know the word blending… foundation line ftw. You know, I never get why people can’t just tell you that your lipstick has bled. I’d rather have someone tell me than to find it out at the very end of the day.

    xx Izzy |

    • Oh yeah I’m sure I had a foundation line to go with the orange look! Yes exactly! The same with lipstick on your teeth. xx

  • Foundation is soooo hard to choose, the whole test it on your hand thing is a bit silly really ey, its not our face colour, but then again I don’t want to slather a bit on my face to check if its the right colour – haha! Then you need different shades for summer and winter, its always funny when you realise in a summer picture your face is actually 2 shades whiter than your body!

    • That’s so true, it’s good to get samples to test the colour out, but that doesn’t happen with cheaper foundation! Yes! Haha a whiter face than your body is never a good look. xx

  • Amila

    Oh I think I’m guilty of the last one sometimes and yes, to find a perfect shade of foundation is difficult even when you’re not really a beginner. Nive post!