Festival Beauty Essentials

Festival Beauty Essentials

It’s nearly festival season, so I thought I would write a festival related post. It is not easy to look your best at a festival. The combination of camping and not washing is not the best way to look good. I do have some experience of festivals. I have been to Reading and Glastonbury a couple of times and am also going to Glastonbury again this year. So here’s a list of some beauty items that are, in my opinion, festival essentials.

Dry Shampoo

I’ll start with the obvious. Unless you plan on using the on site showers, (and who has time for that?) you will need something to stop your hair becoming a greasy mess. Any dry shampoo will do, but I love Batistes range because there are so many to choose from! You can also get a travel size version which will reduce the amount you have to carry. Also… don’t forget a brush!


Again you would think this is obvious but it’s surprisingly easy to forget. I’d recommend getting a plastic camping mirror. Some festivals don’t allow any glass and you wouldn’t want to be mirrorless for the whole weekend! Also it isn’t as dangerous if someone stands on it and breaks it (yes this has happened to me!). You can pick these mirrors up from various places, the one in the photo above is from Poundland.


So onto the makeup. If you’re at a festival you probably won’t want to waste too much time putting it on. If you do want to wear foundation, one I think would be perfect is No7’s Essentially Natural Foundation. It comes in a squeezy bottle, which is great for the ‘no glass’ rule and gives a lightweight coverage. It has SPF 15 which will help protect your skin from the sun, although you should wear sun cream as well! I really like this foundation, it is especially good for dry skin as it is very moisturising.


I couldn’t write a festival beauty essentials list without including lipstick! I think a nice, bright lipstick really completes a festival beauty look, especially if the rest of the makeup is minimal. One that I wore throughout last year’s Glastonbury festival was Rimmel Kate 110. It’s lovely coral red shade. I included it in my 5 Lipsticks for Spring post here if you want to check it out. It has a matte finish, which means it lasts longer. This is important when there are no mirrors around for touch ups!

Baby Wipes

These are absolutely a festival essential. They are the closest thing you will get to a shower for the whole weekend! They are also multifunctional. One thing I use them for is removing makeup at the end of the day. I wouldn’t normally take my makeup off with a baby wipe and I know some people may completely disagree with me for doing it, but at a festival simplicity is so important. Trust me you don’t want to carry anything extra, so for me baby wipes are a must. I usually pick these up from a Supermarket.

So there are my 5 festival beauty essentials. I’ve probably missed something completely obvious, please let me know in the comments if I have! I might end up taking other beauty items, such as eyeliner, but I don’t think they are essential. Have you ever been to a festival or are you going to one this year? Which beauty products will you be packing?