5 Ways Beauty Products Can Ruin Your Day

5 Ways Beauty Products Can Ruin Your Day

Many of us will agree that beauty products are great. Makeup can conceal a sleepless night and make your eyes look bigger and a good hair product can make you feel like a film star. There are, however, some occasions when beauty products are not your friend. In fact sometimes they can be your day-ruining worst enemy. Here are 5 ways beauty products can ruin your day:

#1 Slightly Wet Nail Varnish

You know when you think you’ve given your nails enough time to dry, go to get dressed and realise that no, no you haven’t…. You can’t even paint over it because it’s just kind of gathered on your nail. So you have to spend ages taking it off, repainting the nail and repeating the whole process all over again.

#2 Long Lasting Lipstick

Ok, let me explain this one. Long lasting lipstick is great if you want it to last a long time. However, if like me you decide to test a new one out 5 minutes before you need to leave the house and end up hating the shade, it can be a problem. Trust me it’s not fun frantically scrubbing your lips, trying to get rid of all trace of the colour, knowing that you’re going to be late for work.

#3 Multi Purpose Dry Oil

Do you know the type of product I mean? The mysterious oil that claims to work wonders for your face, body and hair. Now, I have a problem with that last one. Most of these oils don’t come with instructions, but I’ll give you some advice – don’t put it anywhere near the roots of your hair! It will not give your hair a lovely shine and you will use half a can of dry shampoo trying to rescue the situation.

#4 Makeup Setting Mist

These can be good if used properly. If you choose to spray them slightly too close to your face though, they can ruin your makeup. The large mist droplets leave a permanent impression in your foundation, meaning instead of finishing your makeup routine you have to restart it.

#5 Winged Eyeliner

A post like this wouldn’t be complete without the nightmare that is winged eyeliner. No matter how many years you’ve spent trying to perfect the technique, you will never get both eyes to match. And if one eye goes well you know the other will go horribly wrong, just to restore the balance. Unfortunately using the excuse “my winged eyeliner made me late” is equivalent to “my dog ate my homework” and won’t go down well with your boss.

Has your day ever been ruined by any of these products? Do you have any makeup disaster stories?