MAC Shy Girl Lipstick Review

Mac Shy Girl Review Swatches

Before this purchase I hadn’t bought a MAC lipstick for a while. I think I convinced myself that they were too popular and I was just buying them because of the hype. However, I have now fallen back in love with MAC. Over the summer I was on the hunt for my perfect peachy nude. I never really found the shade and to be honest I forgot all about it. That was until I saw Shy Girl. I love a good daytime lipstick and Shy Girl is perfect.


MAC describes Shy Girl as a “Creamy neutral coral beige” and I think it’s the kind of shade that would look different on everyone. On me it’s more of a peachy beige. As I said, it’s the perfect daytime shade, but is also great to wear at night with heavier eye makeup.

Mac Shy Girl Review

Finish And Longevity

Shy Girl has a creamsheen finish which means the lipstick is creamy and has a slight shimmer. I was worried that it would be too glittery, but the finish is subtle. The texture is moisturising and doesn’t dry out the lips, but it does tend to highlight dry patches a little. The longevity isn’t amazing, but better than I expected. It won’t last long if eating, but I found that it lasts about 3 hours otherwise.


I really love shy girl, it’s a great peachy nude and I will get a lot of use out of it. The lipstick feels comfortable to wear and although it doesn’t look great if your lips are dry, it doesn’t take too much effort to make it work. After a bit of a break I can feel my MAC lipstick obsession returning. Have you tried Shy Girl? Do you have a favourite nude lipstick?

Shy Girl costs £15.50 and is available from various places including MAC and Debenhams.

  • That’s a beautiful shade and I think you are right that it would look a little bit different on everyone.