Help I Gave Into the Hype- Korean Sheet Masks

Help I Gave Into the Hype- Korean Sheet Masks

Korean beauty and skincare has been growing in popularity in the UK for a while now and one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to try it is through the sheet mask. Basically sheet masks are a cleaner, lazy friendly version of a mud mask. You apply a sheet soaked in serum to your face and leave for around 10-30 minutes. Once the time is up you remove the mask and massage in the remaining serum with no washing required.

The Results

Obviously the results vary depending on which mask you try, some give instant moisture, whereas others will brighten the appearance of your skin. For all of them though I have found that the effects are pretty short term and last for around a day. Of all the masks I’ve tried so far my favourites are probably the Tony Moly I’m Real ones, especially the Tomato Radiance mask and the Rice Clear Skin mask. They definitely work and improve the appearance of my skin! Sheet masks are also very relaxing to use. I like putting one on while watching TV in the evening, especially when it’s warm because of the refreshing, cooling effect.

Are There Any Negatives?

Sheet masks are available to buy in the UK, for example Cult Beauty stock masks from Tony Moly. However, they are overpriced. I bought mine from eBay via sellers in Korea, which is much cheaper, but the shipping can take up to a month (not ideal if you’re feeling impatient). You can buy a set of 11 Tony Moly masks on Amazon though if you want to try out each different type. The only other negative is that the effects are short term, but you could always just use them every day!

Overall Are They Worth The Hype?

Oh yes definitely! I’ve never found a skincare product that makes my skin feel so good so quickly. With the added benefit that they are fun and easy to use as well as being cheap, I have nothing bad to say about sheet masks. Some masks will work for certain skin types more than others, but trying out lots of different masks is, I think, part of their appeal.

Have you ever tried any sheet masks? Which ones are your favourites?

Sheet Masks can be bought from various places in the UK, I’ll list a few here:

£2.80 for 3 of the same Tony Moly I’m Real Masks eBay (shipped from Korea) or £2.93 here.

£3.49 for 3 of the same Holika Holika Before Mask Sheets eBay (from Korea).

£10.97 for 11 Tony Moly I’m Real Masks Amazon.

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