Help I Gave Into the Hype- Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Help I gave into the hype- Illamasqua Hydra Veil Review

Help Gave Into the Hype is a series of posts about products I’ve bought because I’ve been convinced by amazing blogger reviews and have absolutely no will power to stop myself. My latest purchase is the Illamasqua Hydra Veil. My previous hype buys were the PIXI Glow Tonic and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara both of which I really liked, so I had high hopes for the Hydra Veil. It has been around for a while, but if you haven’t heard of it, the Hydra Veil is like a combination of a hydrating skincare product and a primer.

The Results

My skin can be very dry. which is one of the main reasons I bought this product. I was hoping it would be a miracle solution to my patchy foundation problems. With my high expectations Hydra Veil had to be amazing and unfortunately it wasn’t quite. It’s not that it was bad, because it does make your skin feel softer and smoother and it does help make up apply better. It’s also easy to apply, the formula starts off more solid, but goes on like water and it feels almost tacky afterwards (which I promise is a good thing!). I actually really like Hydra Veil. It just didn’t feel hydrating enough for something called “Hydra”. I think if the product had cost £15 or £20 I would have been raving about it, but at £32 I wanted it to be something special not just “really good”.

Overall Is It Worth The Hype?

I can see why other people like Hydra Veil and if you have a spare £32 then Hydra Veil is a very good product. For me, however, it’s too expensive for what it does. I mean for that price I could buy 2 MAC lipsticks or 10 coffee frapuccinos or a nice new dress from ASOS!

Have you tried Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil? Do you think it’s worth the hype?

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  • Sammy Smeth

    i haven’t tried this yet – I keep almost buying it and then wondering if it’s worth the money; after reading this I think that I’ll hold off, thank you for the help!

    Sammy xo.