Skills Gained From Blogging That You Can Put On Your CV

Skills Gained from Blogging that you can put on your cv

So I am unemployed at the moment after finishing a Christmas Temp job and I am currently looking for a job where I can make use of my degree. Because of this I have spent some time improving my CV and thinking of ways in which blogging has given me skills that are useful in the world of work. CV’s obviously need to be tailored for the job that you are going for and including your blog is not always relevant, but I thought I would list a few general skills that blogging gives you.

#1 Writing Skills This is probably one of the more obvious skills, but having a blog shows that you are able to write! This is especially useful if you want a job in a field such as journalism and allows you to give evidence of your writing style.

#2 Technical Skills The relevance of this depends on what kind of job you are going for and how much you know, but bloggers generally pick up some technical skills along the way. For example I use WordPress, so I now have knowledge about how WordPress works. Other possible skills include using Google Analytics, photography and using HTML.

#3 Marketing Skills Is your blog on social media? Do you promote it? If yes then you have at least a basic level of skill in marketing. Setting up social media accounts, gaining followers and interacting with them can be useful in certain types of jobs and may be worth mentioning on your CV.

#4 Time Management This skill, as well as organisation, is important to pretty much any job and your blog can be evidence of this. If you can write posts several times a week as well as maintaining a job then you definitely have good time management!

#5 Creativity This can be a difficult skill to demonstrate and a blog is a good way to give evidence of your creativity. Everything from photography to your blog design and writing can show this skill.

Overall I think blogging teaches you some great skills and some are very useful to different types of work. I would, however, be cautious, especially if your blog is not relevant to the job you are applying for or if your blog looks at all unprofessional. Do you agree with the skills I have listed? Would you put your blog on your CV?

I have also written a post on what I have learnt since I started blogging, if you want to check it out here.

Hannah xx

  • This is a really great post! I completely agree with all the points above. Particularly time management and organisation. A lot of people would probably shy away from mentioning their blog as they’re unaware that you really do develop a lot of transferrable skills!

    Alex /

    • Thank you so much! I agree, writing my CV really made me realise that there a lot of skills gained from blogging!

  • Carolin

    Hello 🙂 Just found your post through Twitter. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I agree to most points. Blogging is such a versatile hobby that you can indeed use for your CV to promote yourself. Not only does it help to keep up some of your skills, you learn and develop some new plus it shows your dedication and passion which are key in every job.

    I did a similar post called The Ten Benefits of Blogging (two parts) if you’d like to have a look there are some additions to your list 🙂 Hope to speak soon xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    • Thanks for your comment, I totally agree! Thank you, I’ll check out your post 🙂

  • Really helpful post – I’ve found that adding my blog on my CV has made me look a lot more appealing to employers as it shows you’re doing something productive with your spare time too 🙂

    Beth /

  • You’re sooo right! Thanks for sharing this!

  • This is great, thank you, I’d never really thought to mention my blog on my CV.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin’ | YouTube

    • Thanks, no I hadn’t either until I realised how many skills you can demonstrate 🙂 xx

  • Jen

    What a great idea for a post. Blogging helps develop so many skills organisation, time management, self motivation, initiative, creativity etc etc. Transferable skills similar to distance learning which employers are always impressed with.

  • These are really great!! It’s amazing how many skills you actually gain from blogging..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  • Great post! I so agree with your points – it’s crazy how much you can gain from blogging, it’s great to grow by doing something you love.

  • Bossy Blog

    Good luck with the job hunt! My whole blog is based on how to get a job (as well as how to spend your earnings!). I hope you find it helpful:

  • Gabrielle Trenbath
  • Lucy Hoggard

    I’ve never thought of this before! I think once I get to a stage where I’ve established my blog I will start to include it on my cv!

    • You should! Blogging definitely showcases some skills that can be difficult to demonstrate! xx