My Thoughts Before And After Blogging

My thoughts on things before and after blogging

Firstly I’d like to say sorry for the awkward sounding title. I had an idea of what I wanted this post to be but I couldn’t seem to express this in a normal sounding sentence! So I was having a think about how my views on various subjects have changed from before I started reading blogs (and before I started my own). I found that I think about some things completely differently now. Here’s a short list of my thoughts before and after blogging:

Looking at a celebrity with nice makeup

Before– Oh they look nice!

After- Ooh I wonder which foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, blusher, eyeliner, contour they are wearing. Maybe I can try and recreate the look.

Shopping in Boots/ Superdrug

Before– I’ll just go into store, have a look and make up my mind based on swatches.

After– I’ve seen this product, and this product, and that product I want to buy after I have read about them online.


Before– Match of the day.

After– Makeup of the day.


Before Hmm is this some kind of Doctor Who alien?

After Outfit of the day.

Taking Photographs

Before Point, click.

After Wait for good lighting, think about composition, take photo from 10 different angles, change composition, take photo again from 10 different angles, upload to computer, edit, worry about how bad the photo looks.

Beauty Sales

Before It would be nice to have some more products but I don’t really need them.

After I don’t really need any more products but they are in the sale and I could review them on my blog…

Social Media

Before– Personal Facebook, Twitter that I haven’t looked at since 2012, Instagram that I’ve had for over a year and posted about 10 photos.

After Facebook page, active Twitter account, Instagram (I have just set this up for my blog here!), Bloglovin and Pinterest.

Make Up Brushes

Before Who needs those? I’ll just use my fingers and those little sponge brushes that come with eyeshadow.

After- How did I ever put makeup on without brushes? Why do those sponge things exist?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, it’s different to anything I’ve written before! Do you agree with any of these? Have your views on things changed since starting a blog (or starting reading blogs)?