Misconceptions About Bloggers and Blogging

Misconceptions about bloggers and blogging

I don’t know about you but before I was fully aware of the ‘blogging world’ I had an idea of what bloggers were like. I thought that everyone was like Zoella and that there weren’t many bloggers out there. It turns out that my impressions were totally wrong. Here are some of the misconceptions about bloggers and blogging I had:

Bloggers have their lives sorted

The problem with the internet is that you can choose to show as much about yourself as you’d like. It’s so easy to just show the good parts and ignore the bad parts. Bloggers might seem like they have perfect lives, and in some cases this may be true, but I’m sure they aren’t the majority. I know my life is nowhere near sorted! I have a degree and finished University 9 months ago but I have no idea what I’m doing at the moment!

Bloggers all have high self confidence

Again, especially with beauty bloggers and all the selfies, it is easy to think that bloggers have a lot of self confidence. I know for me this is definitely not the case. I don’t like taking photos of myself, which is why there aren’t many selfies on my blog or on Instagram (I will try and change this). Blogging and the internet almost puts up a wall between you and reality which makes it easier to appear more confident.

Bloggers get loads of free products

Maybe the most popular bloggers do but smaller bloggers definitely don’t! I have been for blogging almost 6 months now and so far have not received anything for free. So anyone who thinks that freebies are easy to come by just because you’re a blogger- it’s not true!

Blogging is easy

Nope. Blogging can be difficult in so many ways. From thinking of post ideas to photography to writing, there are so many challenges bloggers face. Blogging is also quite technical, especially if you are self hosted. I spent a long time researching starting a blog before I could actually start one (I set mine up as self hosted, WordPress from the beginning). One thing I always thought would be easy was the writing. This is probably the thing I found the hardest. Coming from a scientific background my writing tends to be quite blunt and to the point and I am finding it difficult to write in a more friendly, informal way.

Beauty bloggers are rich

Yep I used to think this. I thought that you had to have quite a lot of money to afford products to review. I wondered before I started my blog whether I would be able to keep up with other beauty bloggers. No, I can’t afford to buy the latest releases all the time and I can only buy the occasional MAC lipstick, but I don’t think it matters. If a blog was just full of high-end makeup reviews I probably wouldn’t read it. I think balance is best. I love reading tips posts, lists and lifestyle posts as well as reviews and many of these don’t cost anything!

So these were my (mostly incorrect) opinions on bloggers and blogging. Did you think any of these at some point? Do you get people in real life who have these views of bloggers?

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  • I always used to think bloggers had their lives sorted ! I mean looking at those clean cut photographs of their ‘What’s in my handbag’ posts and the tidy notebooks. How could you not think that?


  • Madeline

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing.


  • Jenn

    I love this! The self confidence thing is spot on! I admit I take a few selfies but it takes me a long long time (and a lot of filters!) to decide to post one.

    Really loving your blog! Thanks for sending over your link.



    • Same! It took me ages to decide on a Twitter/ Social Media photo and I’m still not happy haha. Thank you so much for your comment xx

  • Hayley Walker

    Such a great post, and so true.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  • Amy Liddell

    Can relate to this so much!