Did I Achieve My 3 Month Blogging Goals?

Did I Achieve My 3 Month Blogging Goals? From ratedinbeauty.co.uk

3 Months ago I wrote a post about my 10 blogging goals for the next 3 months (here). As it has now been 3 months (and my blog is now 6 months old!) I thought I’d have a look back at the post and see how well I did! I have to admit that I haven’t actually looked at the post for a while so it will be interesting to see how it went…

#1 Comment more

I have been doing this on and off. Some days I will go on a commenting spree and others I don’t comment at all (or maybe this is most days). I think there is still room for improvement on this one.

#2 Write a variety of different posts

For my first 3 months of blogging the majority of my posts were reviews. I think I have started to increase the variety of my posts now. As well as reviews I have done a few list type posts and my most recent post included some (attempted) nail art.

#3 Be more involved on social media

I have definitely done this one! 3 months ago I didn’t have an Instagram account for my blog. I do now- here’s the link if you’re interested. I haven’t really done a lot with my Facebook account but I don’t really like using it for my blog anyway. I also wanted to take part in more Twitter chats, which I think I have.

#4 Improve my photos

Hmm not sure on this one. I’m not completely happy with my photos. I still compare myself to other bloggers and I know mine aren’t up to the same standard.

#5 Be more organised

Anyone who knows me will know that this goal was probably the hardest for me to achieve. Me and the word organised never really go together. Predictably I didn’t stick to my aims… I wanted to write more posts in advance- nope! Plan what I am going to write more than 10 minutes before I write it- erm no! Publish posts on certain days- no again! Yeah this is still my goal…

#6 Get a few more followers

I wrote that I wanted to reach 200 followers on Bloglovin and Twitter. I achieved both of these and more, which is great! Other platforms weren’t quite as successful. My Facebook page hasn’t really gained any likes and I am still a little lonely over on Pinterest! As I said in my original post I know that followers aren’t everything and I would rather have a few genuine followers than hundreds that aren’t interested at all.

#7 Pay more attention to my blog design

I haven’t done as much to my site as I would like. I still don’t have a header and I would really love to buy a new theme.

#8 Increase my traffic

I think my traffic has increased in the last 3 months. It has been slow but I am getting much more search engine traffic now. I barely had any page views from search engines 3 months ago.

#9 Improve my writing

Again this is like my photography. I think it has improved a bit, but it is not to the same standard as some other bloggers. I would love to be a natural writer, someone who draws people in with their words or can make someone laugh. I guess this is still one of my ultimate blog goals.

#10 Stick to these goals

I think overall I did quite well in the last 3 months. I didn’t manage to achieve all of these goals but I am happy with how my blog has grown. I will just have to keep these goals for the future.

Wow this post was a bit longer than I expected, thank you if you managed to read it all! It was quite an interesting one to write too. It has really made me think about my blog and how far it has come in the last 3 months. I think might do another post setting myself some more goals. Have you ever set yourself goals? Did you manage to achieve them?

  • These are real goals for all bloggers out there! I have just started using social media for my blog Twitter yesterday and I am not so active on Instagram so I am not sure how to use them complitely. Any tips?


    • I haven’t been using them for long either, my Twitter is about 6 months old and I’ve had my Instagram for a month 🙂 I’d say with Twitter definitely get involved with some chats like #bbloggers. I’m still figuring out Instagram but I try to follow people that are similar to me, I try to post as often as possible and use hashtags xx

  • Ahh it’s great that you have set some goals and near enough stuck to them! Well done! Maybe I should do the same for my blog too…



    • Thank you 🙂 Yeah they are a nice thing to look back on and see how well you did! xx

  • I love that you set yourself goals and stuck to them!

    There are some great themes on etsy! I brought one yesterday and installed it within 5 minutes and it cost less than £25! It’s made my blog look so much more professional!

    Hannah | http://www.hannerking.com xx

    • Thank you! Oh wow that’s a good price, I will definitely check etsy out! Thanks for the advice 🙂 xx