My Bad Beauty Habits

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Today I thought I’d write a post on my bad habits when it comes to beauty. I know that many of these things are really bad, but for some reason I can’t seem to change! Maybe writing them down will force me to confront my habits… Anyway here they are:

#1 Not removing my makeup before going to bed. I know this is so bad and I ALWAYS do it if I have eye makeup on, but if I’m just wearing a bit of foundation I can be a bit lazy and just sleep with it on.

#2 Not taking off chipped nail varnish. I love painting my nails, but I don’t love removing the nail varnish. This means I always keep it on for much too long and it just looks terrible. I sometimes paint over the chipped bits, but that doesn’t look much better.

#3 Not maintaining my eyebrows. My eyebrows are fairly bushy, not in a cool Cara Delevingne way, but in a slight mono-brow/stray lone hairs way. I get them threaded occasionally and always tell myself I’ll keep up with plucking them, but those lone hairs always grow back faster than I have time to get rid of them.

#4 Using a product solidly for a week and then never again. I am most likely to do this with lipstick! I will find a new product that I love, wear it all the time and then get bored and want a new one or a new shade!

#5 Cutting my own fringe. So this isn’t exactly beauty but it is a bad habit! I’ve only recently stopped doing this because I’m trying to grow my fringe out, but I used to always to cut my own fringe. The main problem was that in my quest for an even fringe, I always ended up cutting it too short! Not a good look, I should have just gone to the hairdressers!

#6 Not washing my makeup brushes. I have realised by this point in my list that most of my bad habits are down to laziness! I just never seem to get around to cleaning my brushes and I know I really need to.

#7 Impulse buying. I am so bad at reading a good review and wanting to buy the product instantly. Then in hindsight I realise that I didn’t REALLY need another nude lipstick or eyeshadow palette.

#8 Buying things because they’re on offer/ sale. You know those offers in Boots/ Superdrug like “buy one get one half price” or “spend over a certain amount and get this product free”? I am terrible at resisting these. I tell myself that I am actually saving myself money when really I wouldn’t have bought the product without the offer. I’m the same with sales. Illamasqua do really good ones (see my post on my recent purchases here) and I always buy too much.

So there are my bad habits, do you have any that are the same? What are your bad beauty habits?

  • Maryam Al-Mohsen

    We all have our bad habits haha! I’m the same way with my makeup brushes and getting my brows done. Just don’t over do it with the plucking as it can thin out your brows and not let them grow out 🙁 anyways I loved the post!xx

    • Thanks! I know, the brow woman told me off for plucking one eyebrow higher than the other! xx

  • Charline Steuckers

    Not washing my brushes: guilty! Must do that very soon. Probably.
    Impulse buying: guilty! Whenever I see something I just read online or whatever, I just tend to buy it without thinking.

    Lovely post <3

    xoxo Charline

  • Number 3 sometimes. I have a standing appointment each month with my threading place, but I’m learning to DIY and clean up so that I don’t have it looking so terrible if I miss a month. Apparently, it’s really easy!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  • I haven’t taken off my nail varnish in weeks, it’s literally tiny bits left on my fingers! Terrible i am

    Love Vicki |

  • Shannon Hayden

    I think my worst habit is not washin my brushes very often, I always seem to leave it until I have a bad breakout and even then I keep putting it off *slaps wrist* I need to break the habit!

    Shannon |

  • Guest

    Love this post! Haven’t seen anything like this. Hate to admit it, but I am guilty of almost all.. yikes! Love your blog.

  • Thanks for following me on Twitter, dear. I love finding fellow bloggers 🙂
    I think I have exactly the same beauty bad habits. Including cutting the fringe – I did it once when I was at uni – disaster for a whole year ahead!

    Do you want to support each other on Bloglovin as well? I’d love to.

    Lu |

    • That’s alright, so do I 🙂 I know I hate looking back at old photos with my badly cut fringe! Sure, I have followed 🙂 xx

  • Rebecca

    I’m really bad at not washing my brushes or maintaining my eyebrows, oops! Rebecca || xx

    • Haha don’t worry I’m sure there are loads of us out there! xx