My Little Gypset Box- August Review

My Little Gypset Box- August Review

Another month, another My Little Box, how does time go so quickly? This month the theme was My Little Gypset Box and contained an Antik Batik bag. Last month I said that My Little Road Trip Box  was the best out of the boxes I have received for sticking to its theme. This month’s box was probably the worst. Only one product shouted Gypset to me (the bag), the rest could have been put in any previous box. 

Included In The Box This Month

  • My Little World Magazine– I find this really difficult to read. It’s made of paper and folds out to poster size. I used to love the glossy version as it was perfect to throw in a handbag for a quick read- this is no longer possible, which is a shame.
  • Quote Card– “Be in love with your life, every minute of it.” I really like this quote and the illustration is as cute as ever.

Lifestyle Products

  • Bucket Bag– I had a problem with the box last month because it contained products that would be good for a holiday- after I think a lot of people had been. I have the same problem with this item. It’s ideal for a beach holiday, but as it’s coming into Autumn here, I just can’t see myself using it. I quite like the pattern and probably could have used it at a festival, but now I’ll have to wait until next year.
  • Hair Ties- Bracelets– These are hair bands that can double up as bracelets. I don’t actually tie my hair up very often, so I probably won’t use these, but I’m sure they are a good addition to the box for some people.

My Little Gypset Box- August Review

Beauty Products

  • Bronzing Powder– This is the product from “My Little Beauty”, My Little Box’s own brand. I’m actually a new fan of bronzer, so I’m happy to have one to try out. The colour seems quite subtle with a little shimmer, so hopefully I can’t go too wrong with it!
  • Korres Body Milk– If I’m being honest I can’t get too excited over yet another moisturiser. I’m sure this one is lovely but I have an ever growing collection that I can’t seem to get through. I do love the pear fragrance of the product though. A 200ml bottle costs £10.
  • So Susan Colour Hybrid– I’ve never actually tried anything from So Susan before so I was intrigued by this product. It’s a cheek and lip mousse, but unless I suddenly fancy trying the clown look I won’t be using it on my cheeks. Maybe it’s just me, but the colour seems too bright for a cheek product. On the lips it is also a bright red shade. I do like the texture, but it is very easy to make a complete mess of the application! The Colour Hybrid costs £14.50 for 10ml.

My Little Gypset Box- August Review

Overall I’m not sure about this box. Like last month I feel like I would have been happier with the products if I had received them at the beginning of Summer. I don’t know about you but my mind is already starting to think about Autumn. I was disappointed with the lifestyle products this month just because I can’t make use of them. I was also a bit disappointed with the theme and that’s the one thing that always impresses me about My Little Box. Apparently Gypset means someone with a passionate soul, an adventurous mind and a bohemian nature, I just don’t see how this fits in with the products. I hate saying anything negative about My Little Box, but it’s usually so good! I have seen loads of reviews from people who love this box, so maybe it’s just me! I do like the bronzer though and I’ll definitely use the So Susan mousse as a lip product.

What did you think about this months box? Did you like the theme?

My Little Box is a monthly subscription box and is available for £11 plus £3.95 postage from My Little Box.

  • Shannon Forde

    I’m still waiting for a perfect subscription box 🙂 this one looks cool, but definitely a little too summery for august x
    Shannon Grace // ♥

  • I actually really like the hair tie bracelet things, I always have a hair band around my wrist but just the plain boring ones, so having those would look so much prettier!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • That is very true! If I tied my hair up more often I would definitely like them more. xx

  • I know what you mean about the products being better for the beginning of summer but I would use that bucket bag for shopping or going to the gym. I think some of those items could easily do double duty.

    • That’s a good idea, I didn’t think about using the bag that way! xx