My Little Frenchie Box- February Review

My little box

Wow it seems like I was just reviewing January’s box and here I am reviewing the box I received this month! The theme for February was ‘My Little Frenchie Box’, although a few of the products didn’t seem to quite fit this (apart from being red, white and blue!), this edition was probably one of my favourites! I loved the beauty products this month and the box was adorable as always.

My Little Box Review

My Little Box Review

My Little Box Review

My Little Box Review


Included in the box this month:

  • Illustration– Every month an illustration card is included with a quote. This month the quote is-“Life is never what it seems and that’s the great thing about it” by Ines de La Fressange. There is also information on the back about Ines. I do like these, but I still haven’t found a use for them!
  • My Little World Magazine– This is a great addition to the box and I always enjoy having a quick read. This month there is an interview with Ines de La Fressange, as well as hair tips, recipes and beauty.

Lifestyle Products:

  • Phone Case– This is quite a large case that I think would fit a lot of phones. I already have a case for mine so I won’t be using this yet, but my phone contract runs out in a few months so hopefully I can use it then!
  • Bottle of Messages– I LOVED this! To some this might seem a bit useless but I think it is very cute! The bottle contains 28 messages, an example of one of these is- “Elegance means not being scared of making mistakes”.

Beauty Products:

  • Complexion Enhancer– This comes from My Little Box’s brand ‘My Little Beauty’ and costs £9.50. It contains Apricot Kernel oil which will “bring your skin back to life”. As far as I could tell this product didn’t have much of an effect on my skin, it is sort of a pink tinted moisturiser, but I didn’t notice any immediate changes.
  • By Terry Eyeliner– This is the product I liked the most this month. The Terrybly Khol Pencil is worth £23 and I recieved the shade Bronze Generation which is a black colour with gold particles. It is easy to apply because it is very creamy and it can be used as eyeliner or blended across the whole eyelid.
  • DHC Blotting Paper– I’ve never owned blotting paper before because I never really needed it. I have dry skin so this product is has not been opened yet. The packaging is very pretty though and they only cost £4.00 for 100 sheets.
  • L’oreal Brow Artist Shaper– This month included 4 beauty items, which is amazing, and the last of these was a brow product. The Super Liner Brow Artist Shaper by L’oreal Paris costs £5.49 and includes a pencil, a brush and a clear wax. I received the shade dark brown, which is probably a little too dark for me, but I can get away with it if I apply it lightly.

Overall I think My Little Box did really well this month. I liked both of the lifestyle products and I was very impressed with the beauty products, especially the By Terry eyeliner! This box is so different to any other subscription boxes available and I hope that next month’s box is as good as this one! What do you think of the My Little Frenchie Box?

Overall Beauty Ratings:

Complexion Enhancer- 5/10

By Terry Eyeliner- 9/10

L’oreal Brow Artist Shaper- 7/10

My Little Box is a monthly subscription box and is available for £11 plus postage from My Little Box.

  • Aavah

    I love phone case! any give aways??? hahahs

    • None at the moment, but I would like to do one at some point x

  • Ah, now I see why you said how nice February’s box was! That is so cute!! For me, that little jar of messages is like one of my favourite items from the whole box – it might not be something you can use, but it’s the cutest flipping idea ever! xx

    • It is so cute isn’t it?! I actually really loved the jar, I still haven’t opened all the messages, I’ve saved a few for when I need a little pick me up! xx