My Little Energy Box- January Review

beauty box, subscription box

my little energy box, beauty box, subscription box

my little energy box, beauty box, subscription box

My Little Energy Box, beauty box, subscription box

Sorry I’m a bit late posting about My Little Box this month, I can’t believe how quickly January has gone! So this month the box was called the My Little Energy Box and contained items relating to fitness and the new year. I am always very impressed with this box (you can read my reviews of November and December’s boxes) and this edition was good, but maybe not as good as the last couple of months.

Included in the box this month:

  • Illustration– Every month the box includes a card with an illustration by My Little Box’s own artist Kanoko and a quote. This month the phrase ‘Happy New…’ was repeated. I really need to do something with these little cards because they are so sweet.
  • My Little World Magazine– This is also included every month and covers a variety of different topics such as beauty, recipes, interviews and this month, fitness. I love reading this every month and it’s a really great addition to the box.

Lifestyle Products:

  • Sports Bag– The bag is designed, I assume, to be taken to the gym and has a cute phrase written on the front saying “Good Energy is Contagious”. I was a little disappointed with this product. I don’t go to the gym so I won’t get any use out of it, but even if I did the material feels quite thin and cheap so I probably wouldn’t use it anyway. Other people will probably like it more than me though. (Apologies for the terrible photo of this, I should have taken a picture before I unravelled it!).
  • Calender– This is a small desk size calender with cute illustrations for each month. I really like this and think is perfect for a January box.

Beauty Products:

  • Energising Mist– This product is created by My Little Box’s brand ‘My Little Beauty’ and costs £7.50. I wasn’t sure before I read the description what an energising mist did but apparently it ‘gives your skin the the inner glow it’s been lacking’. It does this with a combination of antioxidants, vitamin C and green tea. I have to say I’m a bit undecided on this, I already use a moisturiser and I don’t see any instant results when spraying so to me it seems a bit pointless. Maybe I’m missing something?
  • Face Moisturiser– I have so many moisturisers that I would normally be disappointed to see one in this box, however, Talika’s Photo Hydra Day is different to any that I own. It apparently uses technology to gather energy from the sun and turns it into intercellular hydrating energy, I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds good! It also does work! I have very dry skin on my face and the gel-like formula sinks in almost straight away without feeling greasy and my skin feels more hydrated. It costs £43.50 for 50ml.
  •  Nail Varnish– The final beauty item included was a red nail varnish by Nails inc worth £11. I haven’t tried this yet but I can’t say I’m overly excited by the colour as it is a pretty standard shade of red. I will look forward to trying it out though as I don’t have any Nails inc nail varnishes.

Overall although this wasn’t my favourite edition of My Little Box, there are some great items included that I will get a lot of use out of. Even though some of the products didn’t suit me they might be perfect for other people. The cute designs and lifestyle products make this box really stand out and I can’t wait to see what in my box next month. Do you subscribe to My Little Box? What do you think of it?

Overall Beauty Ratings:

Energising Mist – 5/10

Face Moisturiser- 9/10

Nail Varnish- N/A

My Little Box is a monthly subscription box and is available for £11 plus postage from My Little Box.